Strong disinfecting shampoo based on Iodine

  • Anti- bactericidal, virucidal and funghicidal action

  • Protects the skin and doesn’t dry

  • Leaves nog color traces

  • Enhances the white color of the coat

Use of Dermades:

General use: 1/4 Dermades in 3/4 of water, mix the product in the water and wash the coat and skin generously. Make sure the coat is completely covered. Rinse thoroughly with water. Repeat if necessary.

Intensive use: Apply Dermades pure on a clean coat or skin for a local disinfection. Repeat when necessary, no rinsing needed.

Marketing Authorisation Number: Belgium NOTIF992

Gebruik in PT03 (veterinaire hygiënedoeleinden). Actieve ingrediënten aangemeld volgens Verordening 528/2012. BE: NOTIF992. Productvorm: SL (Met water mengbaar concentraat) Werkzaam bestanddeel: 1% w/w Iodine (cas nr: 7553-56-2)