Mild shampoo

Keno™horse Mild shampoo is a rich, nourishing shampoo for optimal cleaning and enhancing the natural color and glow of the coat. Keno™horse is recommended for all horses.


Diluted: Add 2 to 3 caps of Keno™horse to 5L of water and massage the solution into the horse’s coat. Rinse well.

Pure: Pour a small quantity of Keno™horse on the wet coat and massage it in. Rinse well.

Packaging: 1L


Non hazardous product
INCI: Aqua; Butoxyethanol; Sodium benzotriazolyl butyl­phenol sulfonate; Sodium cocoeth-30 sulfate; PEG-15 cocopolyamine; laurdimonium hydroxypropyl hydro­lyzed wheat protein; sodium chloride; CI42051; 5-bro­mo-5-nitro-1,3-dioxane; Triclosan; parfum; linalool.