Return policy

The consumer has the right to inform the seller that he renounces the purchase without penalty and without giving any reason within 14 calendar days from the day following the delivery of the product or the conclusion of the service agreement.

The following provisions constitute a further development of the subject given in our General Verily.

The legal right to cancel the purchase within 14 calendar days applies only to consumers. For buyers who act in the exercise of their profession or business, this regulation does not apply.

Buyers who wish to make use of this possibility, their notice of termination within seven days after receipt of the product in writing, by telephone or by mail express.

The procedure to take your order or article to be returned within the grace period, can be found in the section returns.

Not later than 7 days after termination of the contract, the product must -onbeschadigd and to be returned in good state- of Alea in its original packaging, with all accessories. The purchase price is by Kenohorse – CID LINES NV refunded to the purchaser within 30 days from the date of the document which the termination is invoked Kenohorse – CID LINES NV has reached, if the conditions for the right to return are met.

During the cooling-off period, you are entitled to check whether the delivery conforms to the offer. This, however, does NOT have the right to use the products, making them unmarketable if you should decide to send them back. If the products are returned by the buyer or not damaged or diminished condition, the buyer must reimburse the resulting damage, even if the damage is due to use according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

This does not apply only when the damage occurred in a one-time trial of the product, as in a shop could. The buyer can avoid the obligation for compensation by the product after delivery can not be put into use and also to carry all necessary care to avoid injury or damage. Please therefore the packaging in which the products were supplied original.

Items that are returned during the cooling-off period shall in any case continue to be packaged in the original packaging, together with any accessories, such as cables, manuals and the like.

Also, if you would need to return an item unexpectedly due to a defect after the cooling-off period, you can be sure the product can safely pack, if you save the original packaging. Alea can therefore accept no liability if items defective transport packed in packagings other than the original will be returned.

Buyer is obliged to make the product within 7 days after the dissolution of Kenohorse – CID LINES NV to return, in accordance with the instructions of Kenohorse – CID LINES NV. Subject to any damages, are Kenohorse-CID LINES NV only the cost of returning will be charged.

The Right of Withdrawal does not apply expressly for:

  • products which have been established according to the buyer’s specifications;

  • products that can not be returned due to their nature;

  • products that can spoil or become obsolete;

  • audio and video recordings and computer software, and other simple reproducible products, which the buyer has broken the seal;

  • hygiene articles that are no longer in its original sealed packaging or the packaging has been broken.

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